FAQ for Exhibitors

Submission Rules

Can I exceed the booth size limit?

Regardless of whether it is shape key, animation, particles, or other gimmicks,
please make necessary adjustments not to exceed the limit. Also, regardless of mesh bounds, please adjust it to visually not exceed the size limit.

Can I use materials (3D models, etc.) purchased at Unity Asset Store, BOOTH, or any other store?

Materials for which redistribution is prohibited cannot be used. Please check the terms of use of each assets.

For other prohibited items, please refer to the exhibition rules. Virtual Market 2021 Terms

The material looks different after implementing Static setting.

Toon shaders like UnityChanToonShader2.0 may look different when set Batching Static or Lightmap Static such as thicker outline. Please make adjustments after making Static settings.

Venue preview and venue debugging

I can't launch preview world from MyPage

Your settings may prevent you from launching VRChat from the vrchat:// URL. You can activate it by clicking "Proceed" in the dialog that appears when you exits the VRChat.



First, check the following:

  • You are using Unity 2019.4.31f1
  • You are using VRCSDK version of VRCSDK3-WORLD-2021. or later.

When I check the booth, I get a message "Light Bake failed" and the check is aborted.

This message is displayed when the light bake is not successful. If Auto Generate is checked in the Lightmapping Settings of the Lighting tab, the bake launch from VketTools will be rejected and this message will appear.


VRChat won't launch when submitting

Please make sure the following points. * VRChat will launch when you click "Build & Test" from VRChat SDK menu * If not working, open VRChat SDK Settings menu and check if the Installed Client Path is set correctly If the path is empty the system may not function properly. Please try Revert to Default.


Please pay attention to the below point. - When using UdonBehaviour component outside the official Prefabs, you need to attach VketUdonControl component to the same object.

Errors on submission

*** I encountered ExecutionEngineException: String conversion error: Illegal byte sequence encounted in the input. error.

This error is caused by having a 2-bytes character such as Kanji in any folders leading up to the project folder. Please make sure that the names of the project folder and all folders in the hierarchy containing the project folder comprise half-width alphabets, numbers, or symbols. The project folder can be accessed by right-clicking any assets and selecting "Open in Explorer."

e.g. Error:




I'm using some official prefabs but several components are marked prohibited.

This can occur in the following cases.

  • Some official prefabs are "broken"

To solve this, please place the official prefabs into the scene hierarchy again.

Size limit over

There are two size limits for the booth.

  • A.Total file size limit of the folder to be submitted
  • B.Build size of the AssetBundle

The former is the file size displayed when you open the exhibitor ID folder with Explorer, right-click and select Properties.


Check the following points and reduce the file size.

  • Files with larger size are mainly in the following three categories.
    • Texture
    • fbx
    • .asset files created by mesh combine tool like MeshBaker
  • Move unused files out of the folder or delete them.
  • If the texture file is a PSD file, export it into png format.
  • If you have made the "Max Size" of the texture file smaller than the actual size, you can resize it using paint software or something.

The latter, the build size of the AssetBundle, is the file size that will be displayed when you run "Build Size Check" in the tool.

In most cases, most are texture files.You can reduce the build size by selecting a texture file and reducing the "Max Size", or checking "Use Crunch Compression".


If you import a fbx file with a lot of shapekeys, such as an avatar, the build size can be very large if Blend Shape Normals is set to Calculate. If you are not going to use Blend Shapes, you might as well remove the check from Import BlendShapes.


Am I required to Extracting Material?

If you get the following error, the material included in the fbx file is being used.


Select the fbx file and check the Inspector. If you can click the Extract Materials button as shown below, the material included in the fbx file is being used.


Click on the Extract Materials button to extract the included material into the project folder for use. You should see the material set in the On Demand Remap section as shown below.


Also, you can avoid using the bundled material by setting your own material in the On Demand Remap section without Extract Materials.