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Official SNS

【Be the first to arrive at Vket2021!】

Would you like to enter the Vket2021 venue right after the opening?

If you're up for the challenge, tweet with the tag : #Vket2021開幕ダッシュ!
Now you're a great runner.!

We are looking forward to your challenge, whether you are an individual or a group.
Vket2021 starts on Saturday, December 4 JST!
"But there are so many venues, and I can't go around them all by myself. ......"
For those people, Vket2021 will offer a "Vket World Tour" led by a tour conductor!

Check the hashtag:#Vket2021ワールドツアー for available tours!
At Vket2021, we will have a core time for exhibitors and visitors to interact with each other!

▼core time▼
12/11 21:00~23:00 JST

You may be able to talk to your favorite exhibitor!
Exhibitors will also enjoy interacting with visitors!
Tatsh V Winter 2021
"TatshVWinter2021" held!

"Vcomposer" TatshMusicCircle × Vket

2021/12/12 21:30-23:00 JST
VRChat / "VketChannel" on Youtube


Click here for details.
VRC Boxing tournament Vket2021 CUP
The VR e-sports tournament "VRC Boxing Tournament," which has created a frenzy of excitement in numerous tournaments, will be held at the Vket2021 Cup!

relay broadcasting : 12/16(Thu) 21:00 JST ~

guest player:Ogino / rietzscha / Dateyakiya
MC/Talk Guest:yukinko / Amaebi/Awane Philo

Hashtag #VRCボクシング大会
Vket Academy Seminars
Visit GT Classroom to join seminars of various topics!
Dec. 5 5PM Music Reading Basics by Yaas
Dec. 7 5:30PM GodotScript Basics by Cole-Dingo
Dec. 11 3PM Virtual Photography by Tetra_
Dec. 11 8PM Don't be scared it's only pixels! by Alease
Dec. 12 6PM Not stinking at Blender! by BigAssRobot
Dec. 15 5PM Behind the VketChan02 gimmick by Vowgan
Dec. 17 6PM Homeowners insurance guide by Gavir
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