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Official Vket 3D goods
Get your hands on some official Vket 3D goods and get excited about Vket2021!

T-shirts, caps, tote bags, and other goods for avatar modification are now available!

Click here for details.

We are looking for photos of everyone enjoying Vket2021!

When you post your Vket photos on social media, please tweet your photos with "#Vketphoto"!

note: We may use your photos for media articles and Vket operations.
New hashtag for tweeting promotion of Vket2021 exhibits, "#Vketお品書き"!

We'd love for you to use it to promote us on Twitter!
Muricia plushies! free download!
Muricia plushies! free download!

3DCG models made by Moni are available for sale.
Free 3D model of "May" hat available now!
Free 3D model of "May" hat available now!

This is the 3D model data of the hat that May wears in GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-.
The shapekey is already installed. The size of each part can be adjusted to fit your model.
frequent updates!