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Vket2021 opening ceremony
Vket2021 is about to begin!

We'll have our annual opening ceremony 30 minutes before the start of the event! Let's welcome a new page in the history of Vkett together!

[Date] 12/4 9:30 - 10:00 JST
【Vket2021】Vtuber take a swing through Vket2021 Akihabara
Vtubers will be going around Vket2021 "Para-real Akihabara"!

Shinonome Megu
Nora Cat

■Vket Staff
Ikura Keiichiro

[Date] 12/6 21:00 ~ JST
【Vket2021】Vtuber take a swing through Vket2021 Shibuya #Vket
Vtubers will be going around Vket2021 "Para-real Shibuya"!

Kujo Ringo
Makino Monaka

■Vket Staff
Ikura Keiichiro

[Date] 12/8 21:00 ~ JST
Virtual Market 2021×Hospital Marketing Summit Post-event - Inviting the doctors to solve VR people's health problems!
A variety show on the theme of virtual x medical care, featuring real medical professionals, will be broadcast on Vket2021 on Youtube!

A talk session that transcends the boundaries between the medical, welfare, and nursing worlds and the virtual realm!、We'll have Kujo Ringo as our guest from the virtual side!
Tatsh V Winter 2021
"TatshVWinter2021" held!

"Vcomposer" TatshMusicCircle × Vket

2021/12/12 21:30-23:00 JST
VRChat / "VketChannel" on Youtube

Click here for details.
VRC Boxing tournament Vket2021 CUP
The VR e-sports tournament "VRC Boxing Tournament," which has created a frenzy of excitement in numerous tournaments, will be held at the Vket2021 Cup!

relay broadcasting : 12/16(Thu) 21:00 JST ~

guest player:Ogino / rietzscha / Dateyakiya
MC/Talk Guest:yukinko / Amaebi/Awane Philo

Hashtag #VRCボクシング大会
Vket2021 closing ceremony
Vket2021 closes on 12/19!

The closing ceremony will be delivered starting 30 minutes before the closing.

[DATE] 12/19 22:30 - 23:00 JST
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